Tips to Stay Connected & Productive in a World of Social Distancing

March 17, 2022

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TIPS TO STAY CONNECTED & PRODUCTIVE in a World of Social Distancing

Increase Social Media Presence – Look at updating your firm’s website, social media profiles, and any information in a directory. Make sure any external links are up to date and update any photos or personnel. Increase your social media presence by posting 2 times per week. Your clients are probably on social media now more than ever, take advantage!

Complete CLE – Get your CLE credits taken care of by taking online webinars. Most states have removed the limit on distance learning. Attorney Protective has free CLE webinars throughout the year including one on April 20, 2022, focused on social media ethics for lawyers. (

Update Calendars – Missed deadlines are one of the top reasons for malpractice claims. The risk of missing a deadline increases during a quarantine situation. Stay on top of any deadlines and keep a hard copy of your calendar available as a backup.

Be Aware of Hackers – Look out for any data breaches or fishing emails. Hackers know that you are on the lookout for any emails regarding COVID-19 changes. Confirm the legitimacy of email addresses and any hyperlinks.

Network with Clients – Focus on connecting with your clients through digital channels. Your clients can still get that “face-to-face” feel without actually being there in-person. Reassure your clients that they can reach you no matter where they are by offering video conferencing options. Virtual coffee meetings can be a productive and fun option to stay connected. Phone calls are also a great way to let clients know you are still in action working on their case.

Stay Current on Court Closings – Check your local court’s procedures.

Update Contingency Plans – Make sure you have a current plan in place for what happens to your cases if you or a family member gets sick. Make an effort to stay in contact with family, friends, clients and co-workers while working remotely. We can social distance and stay connected at the same time!

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