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An AttPro policy has it all — and then some. Here’s what our standard malpractice coverage includes on all new policies.

  • A++ AM Best Rating
    Coverage underwritten by a Berkshire Hathaway company
  • First Dollar Defense
    The first $25,000 in claims expenses is covered before the deductible comes due
  • Coverage into retirement
    You’ll get free tail coverage when you retire, regardless of your age
  • Five ways to cut your deductible
    We save you money and we work with you for the best outcome
  • Loss of earnings payments during a claim
    Up to $500 a day, $10,000 per claim, and $50,000 in aggregate for your attendance at a trial, hearing, or arbitration at our request
  • Public relations consulting expense
    $25,000 reimbursed expense arising from a Crisis Event

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Whether you’re new to malpractice insurance or just need a quick refresh, our Legal Malpractice 101 content can help you understand the three factors to making a good decision:

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