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The average lawyer is sued at least once in their career, and most never see it coming.  Find help to face the unexpected — with the industry’s most experienced claims team.

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Facing a malpractice claim is tough, but understanding how the process works can help you feel more prepared. Here’s how we support you every step of the way:

If something happens in your practice that concerns you, call and talk to one of our claims attorneys, who will offer reassurance and walk you through the next steps.

While you get back to your daily routine, we get to work. Our defense counsel and claims attorneys — who have decades of experience — get together to develop a solid plan for your defense.

Your defense counsel and our claims attorneys will collaborate with each other and with you until a resolution is reached.

Once a resolution is reached, the claim will be closed.

Jim Cartier Esq.

David Littleton Esq.

Mary Jane Wheeler Esq.

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Chris Fagan Esq.

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As an AttPro insured, we’ll be in your corner (and fighting) when it matters most. See how our claims team makes a difference for attorneys like you.

I’m happy to report that finally, with the great help of the firm that Attorney Protective hired for us, we prevailed against the attorney and clients he bamboozled into filing suit against us. We didn’t pay a dime to settle either… the truth prevailed. Painful but happy with the great outcome and very happy with the support AttPro gave me. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Rudy in Arizona

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