2024 CLE Webinars

Sober Curious? Tools For Overcoming Substance Abuse 

August 28th at 12:00 PM Central

The daily pressure of being a lawyer can unfortunately lead to addiction and substance abuse for many lawyers.  Thankfully, there are many resources for those that may be struggling.  Join Erica Grigg, J.D., Grigg Counseling, and Michelle Fontenot, Attorney with the Texas Lawyers’ Assistance Program, as they thoughtfully examine substance abuse, offer tools to help lawyers find the path to sobriety and wellness in this 60-minute webinar. 

September 18th at 12:00 PM Central

The competitive landscape for lawyers and law firms in a digital world is fierce. And the more aggressive it becomes, the greater the risks of running afoul of ethical rules and considerations. Maintaining technological competence and client confidentiality when using online marketing tools and social media are critical. But also understanding the compliance issues that go beyond simply reading the Rules of Professional Conduct can be the difference between a successful campaign and a dreaded violation letter. Join ethics attorney Micah Buchdahl, founder and president of HTMLawyers, Inc., and Kate Gould, AttPro Risk Management attorney, as they discuss how to effectively and ethically market in a digital world.

October 23th at 12:00 PM Central

As the legal profession continues to evolve, so do legal malpractice claims and the risks to firms.  Lawyers who understand the underlying risks accompanying the practice of law are in a better position to avoid a malpractice claim or grievance.  Join us to review current trends in legal malpractice defense and learn best practices to limit your exposure. Matthew Marrone, Esq. and Seth Laver, Esq., Partners of Goldberg Segalla LLP, examine current ethical pitfalls and discuss how to protect your firm from a malpractice claim in this informative webinar.

Checking Out: Ethical Considerations for Stepping Away From Your Practice

November 20th at 12:00 PM Central

Planning a vacation or thinking about winding down your practice?  Before boarding the plane or closing your firm’s doors, ensure that you comply with your ethical obligations and tie up the necessary loose ends.  This webinar will cover the applicable ethics rules related to planning for a temporary absence from your practice, establishing a successor attorney, and considerations when planning your retirement.  Join Attorney Protective Risk Management Attorneys, Erin McCartney and Kate Gould, as they discuss best practices to avoid possible ethics violations whether you are going on vacation or closing your practice.