2023 CLE Webinars

March 29th at 12:00 PM Central

The never ending deadlines and client demands, along with the overall pressure associated with the profession, unfortunately lead to addiction and substance abuse for many lawyers.  Thankfully, there are many resources for those that may be struggling.  Erica Grigg, Attorney with the Texas Lawyers’ Assistance Program, and Eric Wood, MA, LCAC, Clinical Case Manager with the Indiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program, thoughtfully examine substance abuse and how to assist lawyers on the path to sobriety and wellness in this 60-minute webinar. 

Social Awareness: Best Practices For Ethically Using Social Media in Your Practice 

April 26th at 12:00 PM Central

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, oh my!  New social media platforms seem to be emerging all the time creating ethical minefields for attorneys. Recent changes to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct hold lawyers to a higher standard of digital competence.  Ethics opinions across the country are addressing these issues, including what you can advise your client to “delete” from their Facebook page, whether you can contact witnesses via social media, and even researching the online profiles of prospective jurors. Join speakers John Browning, J.D. and Kate Gould, J.D. to discuss this ever-evolving topic. As a lawyer and the author of The Lawyer’s Guide to Social Media and two more books on social media and the law, John Browning is an expert in the field.  AttPro Risk Management Attorney Kate Gould joins him to discuss how the Model Rules of Professional Conduct translate to social media.  

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail:  Addressing Conflicts of Interest Before They Arise

June 14th at 12:00 PM Central

A substantial number of malpractice claims arise from a lawyer’s failure to identify a conflict of interest.  Conflicts can come in all shapes and sizes and at varying times during the course of representation. So, despite our best intentions, they can be difficult to identify.  Join J. Calhoun Watson, attorney at Robinson Gray located in Columbia, South Carolina, and Kate Gould, Risk Management Attorney at Attorney Protective, as they analyze several scenarios and provide best practice tips on how to avoid and address conflicts of interest.  The relevant rules of ethics concerning conflicts of interest will be discussed, along with what actions you should take if a conflict arises.

Paid in Full:  Tips for Ethical Billing & Avoiding Fee Disputes with Clients  

August 23rd at 12:00 PM Central

Billing remains one of the many challenges in law firm management.  Even when your client is pleased with their result, you may still have trouble collecting your total fee.  Clients may disagree with the amount charged or may be confused about the billing agreement or the work performed.  Implementing client-centric billing processes will help you avoid potential fee disputes and ensure you are properly compensated for your work.  Join speakers Erin McCartney, J.D. and Erik Crep J.D. as they discuss legal billing tips that can help your firm establish more efficient billing processes to help you get paid and avoid potential fee disputes down the road.

September 27th at 12:00 PM Central

As lawyers continue to expand their online presence in their firm marketing or by simply making comments on social media, they must remain cognizant of the potential ethical risks.  Ethical violations remain on the rise from lawyers’ online activity.  As many lawyers continue to work remotely, law firms and courts alike are faced with additional ethical challenges related to technological competence, client confidentiality, digital marketing, and social media usage. Join attorneys Erin McCartney and Megan Zavieh to discuss how not to run afoul of the ethics rules while practicing law in a digital world.

October 18th at 12:00 PM Central

Don’t let a grievance or malpractice claim haunt your law firm! As the legal profession continues to evolve, so do legal malpractice claims and the risks to firms.  Lawyers who understand the prevailing risks accompanying the practice of law are in a better position to avoid them. Matthew Marrone, Esq. and Seth Laver, Esq., Partners of Goldberg Segalla LLP, will lead this discussion by reviewing current ethical pitfalls and discussing how to protect your firm from malpractice exposure (and keep those skeletons out of the closet).   

Wrapping up Loose Ends: Ethical Considerations for Stepping Away From Your Practice

November 15th at 12:00 PM Central

Planning a vacation or thinking about winding down your practice? Before jumping on a plane or closing the firm’s doors, taking time to ensure that the ethics rules are followed and certain checklists are complete is imperative.  This webinar will cover the applicable ethics rules related to planning for a temporary absence from your practice, to succession planning and retirement.  Join Attorney Protective Risk Management Attorneys, Erin McCartney and Kate Gould, to discuss best practices to avoid possible ethics violations as you plan for the future.     

Seal the Deal:  Effective Settlement Agreements to Resolve Your Case

December 5th at 12:00 PM Central

Scribes, The American Society of Legal Writers, and Attorney Protective are combining forces for a live CLE webinar with a moderated panel discussion on what to include in an effective settlement agreement in a civil litigation matter.  This can’t-miss webinar will feature experienced panelists who will address topics including:


  • the essential provisions of a settlement agreement, including properly defining the parties, the nature of the dispute, and material terms; 
  • effective preparation techniques, including appropriately incorporating insurance policies, consulting tax counsel, and addressing relevant state and federal laws; 
  • techniques to ensure enforceability; and 
  • drafting tips to avoid ambiguities and other pitfalls and to improve clarity.   

Participants will be provided with a list of helpful resources and an essential drafting checklist. Lawyers of all ages, stages, and practice areas are welcome to attend.